Are you ready to start a YouTube channel?

Tips of the Trade

May 14, 2024

You may come to a point in your career where you ask yourself, am I ready for the spotlight?

Perhaps you have spent years in your industry and can realistically call yourself an industry expert. Well, how valuable do you think that knowledge is to others that are looking for similar solutions to their problems? This answer is pretty significant.

In fact, online users spend millions of dollars asking questions on professional Q&A sites and millions of hours combing YouTube to find solutions to their problems. They are looking for someone like you. And while that YouTube video you create doesn’t necessarily lead to an immediate sale, it does position you as an industry expert. So the next time the customer is looking for answers and they type it into YouTube and your channel comes up again, guess what. You are at the top of their list to call for help with their problem.

Evergreen Content.

We like to call YouTube content, evergreen. Meaning, once you publish it and put it out into the world then it essentially lives “forever.” It will continue to generate interest, views and clicks as long as it survives on the platform. We also consider blog posts to be evergreen as well. Meaning once its published, an “unlimited” amount of people can read it until the post is removed.

That’s great news for anyone putting in the time to generate informational content online. As a business owner you probably face the educational gap between your knowledge of your product and services and the average customer that comes to you looking for solutions. You may find yourself explaining the same or similar concepts over and over again in a one on one type of setting or while on the job giving a quote or estimate to a lead.

In order to streamline this whole process, consider putting your combined knowledge out into the world attached to your brand, whether that is through blogs, YouTube videos, shorts, reels, etc. Not only will you have a resource to continue to direct people to when they are looking to be informed about a particular topic, but you should free up your personal time so you can spend it on more high level things like growing your business, managing your workforce and prospecting for more leads.

Becoming and Industry Expert.

In addition to having a re playable and re readable resource for your customers. You will begin to establish yourself as an industry expert. People will begin to search for you as one of the leading minds in your particular industry. And when they are in need of service or advice, they will come to you, your website or your channel in search of answers. They will expect you to give them the straight scoop. They are too used to people trying to up sell them or get them to purchase something they don’t particularly need. So if they recognize you as a trustworthy voice, the barrier to making the sale and acquiring that customer will be much lower.

Also, we recommend business owners consider maintaining and growing a YouTube following to create another lead funnel. So, not only are you placing informational resources out into the world that can be watched and read by thousands of potential new customers, as well as positioning yourself as an industry expert that will help your brand recognition in the marketplace, but now you have created a lead funnel, which should direct potential customers to your website when they are in need of an industry expert and ready to make the commitment to purchase your goods or services.

Bottom Line.

You may just be ready for your own YouTube channel. Just be sure that you put in the right amount of care and effort that it deserves. YouTube is a different beast than running an online storefront, maintaining your google reviews or quoting a customer in person.

With that in mind, make sure that you are keeping your production value up, chiefly that your video is clear and your audio is as well. YouTube viewers will forgive a lot, especially gaffs, pauses, stutters, etc., but if your video has garbled audio, the camera is bouncing around a lot or blurry, they might move on to another resource even though the information in your video may be superior.

Ready to Start Your Channel?

If you feel like you are ready to begin your YouTube journey and need a little help along the way with planning content, production and editing, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help you on your mission or at least give you the right resources to help you grow your following and increase your clout in your industry.

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