Why you need a company newsletter.

Tools of the Trade

May 14, 2024

Have you thought of running a newsletter for your organization? You might be missing out on big profits. In fact a well curated newsletter can add 40% or more to your bottom and top line. Not only can you increase your sales by running timely promotions and continuing to stay relevant in the inboxes of your current customers, but maintaining that connection with potential customers may help you convert some of them to sales.

The rule of 7 applies here, simply, the average consumer must encounter your brand’s message on average seven times before deciding to make a purchase. And what do newsletters do better than being a constant reminder that your company exists and is out in the world doing big things?

Not only are newsletters an excellent opportunity to promote upcoming sales and promotions as well as stay in touch with your customer base, but it is a channel that you actually own. Unlike Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, or countless other online marketplaces and advertising channels, you always “own” your newsletter list. Reduce the risks associated with getting deplatformed, by curating and staying current with your newsletter, and continually growing your subscriber list.

We have seen businesses grow too reliant on one sales platform such as Amazon or Facebook ads. And guess what happened when things went sideways for reasons? Sales plummeted. Not only did sales plummet, but these events actually led to the close of some of these companies.

How do you prevent a similar disaster?

Build and curate a newsletter from past, present and future customers.

Continue to provide value to your subscribers and see your numbers skyrocket over the years!

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