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Hemp Joi asked us to help them scale their business including a complete overhaul of their entire digital presence so that they could focus their efforts at the brick and mortar level, training employees and maintaining a high level of satisfaction with their customers.

We transitioned them to a brand new higher converting Shopify Theme (1.16% to 5.65%), upgraded graphics, streamlined their brand identity across all online locations including social media, refreshed their first party labeling, and installed many semi-automated marketing systems including Judge.Me (0 to 181 4.9 Star Product Reviews), Klaviyo (3% CTR, .8% Conversion, $.90 rev per subscriber), Reputon (1 to 163 4.9 Star Google Reviews), PayWhirl (0 to 20+ Monthly Paid Subscribers) and continued to execute the yearly Marketing Plan to Achieve 35-1769% year over year growth since we began on the project.

  • Ecommerce Website Refresh

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Assets Refresh

  • Lead Capture System

  • Newsletter Management

  • Exit Offer Integration

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • First Party Labeling

  • Marketing Collateral Refresh

  • Yearly Marketing Plan

  • Website Analytics Analysis

  • Keyword Rich Blog Management

  • Judge Me Automated UGC Review System

  • Reputon Automated Ratings Requests System

  • Fractional CMO Services

  • On Site Photography

  • On Site Videography

  • Content Planning

  • Copywriting


As we continued to work with and scale Hemp Joi, we had to touch many aspects of the business to ensure that the brand was streamlined across all publicly facing avenues including in store, social media, web, newsletter and marketing collateral. We continue to execute the marketing plan at a high level, delivering 5-20x marketing budget spend on a consistent basis, meanwhile acting as a fractional CMO to ensure the company drives cost effective growth towards its path of Regional Expansion and Franchising.:

  • Graphic Design Services

  • Content Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

Brand Authority
E-Commerce Automation
Digital and Physical Marketing Collateral
Scaling and Growth


We have continued to drive 5x-20x ROI on marketing spend for recurring revenues. We helped Hemp Joi grow their Newsletter List from 0 to over 2,000+ contacts that are highly engaged and highly responsive to Newsletter Blasts and Promotions. We continue to outperform for newsletters and deliver a 3% Click Through Rate (1.82% Avg.), a .8% Conversion Rate (.073% Avg.) and a $.90 Revenue Per Recipient (.094 Avg.). We helped the site grow between 38% – 1769% on year over year bases since 2020. (not including leads driven to in store sales.) We took the conversion rate on site from 1.16% when we began to its highest level ever, currently a 5.62% conversion rate on site!

The project presented a unique challenge in that most targeted keywords could not be advertised on major paid media avenues. Therefore we had to think strategically on how to best organically grow the customer base, retarget existing customers, maximize lifetime value of customer as well as average order value, to hit yearly revenue targets and continue to grow the businesses’ top and bottom lines as they march forward to Franchising and Regional Expansion.

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