Ultra Rare Coins

FROM SCRATCH, BUILT TO ORDER BRAND AND ENTIRE BUSINESS. 3 Years of continuous growth and counting!


Ultra Rare Coins was looking for help launching a brand new B2C Product in a very specific niche. We took the challenge head on and came up with a unique marketing model which allowed them to reach out to their niche demographic at a very efficient clip.

We led the business through a dozen successful kickstarters and recently completed their first series of their premiere release. They just closed funding on their last release of their initial series which was the higest funded release to date with the most backers and highest average order value to date!

  • New E-Commerce Website

  • Ground Up Brand Management

  • Content Strategy and Execution

  • Newsletter Management

  • Product Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Manufacture Sourcing

  • Supplier Negotiations

  • Give Away Promotions

  • Kickstarter Project Setup and Promotion

  • Social Media Management

  • Kickstarter and Order Fulfillment

  • Lead Capture System

  • Exit Offer Integration

  • Website Analytics Analysis

  • Judge Me Automated UGC Review System

  • Fractional CMO Services

  • On Site Photography

  • On Site Videography

  • Product Trailer Production

  • Content Planning


We built this business from the ground up, everything from product design, to product sourcing and negotiation, graphic and marketing collateral design, give away promotion, social media management, etc. We streamlined the brand to make sure the brand had equal recognition across the entire digital spectrum.

We grew their Kickstarter Backing over 1300% from initial campaign to their most recent release, all while keeping their marketing initiatives at an incredibly efficient 10-25x ROI for each marketing dollar invested.

  • Product Design Services

  • Organic and Evergreen Marketing

  • Kickstarter Campaign Execution

Brand Building
E-Commerce Automation
Digital and Physical Marketing Collateral
Scaling and Growth



The brand had a very specific niche, also facing some keyword challenges of its own. We found initial success delivering 3x-5x ROAS through Google, Facebook and Twitter Paid Media, converting just shy of 2% (2.12% in the most recent year to date analytics) of website visitors. We are delivering 50-95% year over year growth of combined sales across all channels.

We were able to drive substantial sales through subscription, and this helped propel the business with cash flow to ensure they could both afford and execute additional new product releases.
Kickstarter and Social Media Groups have been a huge factor for growing their audience and generating customers. As a new comer to the industry, there were a lot of heavy incumbents to challenge who had much much larger budgets.

We were able to successfully establish and grow their newsletter from 0 to over 500 engaged subscribers.

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